Assistant Internal Auditor Lela Beryl ends up from the workplace with a whole lot of files in her hands straight at my house. She stems to confide in me as her boss let me know there’s something amiss with the company accounts and is angry. Lela is a little panicky and requires me through the paperwork stating that things don´t add up. I tell the distraught auditor that she is brand new to the job – I can ensure that all is as it should be and I’ve been head auditor for many years. Lela still insists that things aren’t appropriate and characters severe & don;t seem. I awaken to deliver her some water and she&extreme;s leaning over carefully studying the touch… she suddenly understands that it is me who signed and approved the documents! WaiT she exclaims – although it is too late. I maintain a rag round Lela & severe and pounc from behind . Lela puts a battle that is massive pushing me backward. I get her back and we struggle and roll onto the ground, although she tries to escape. Eventually I manage to maintain the rag over her mouth till she is asleep. I get it wrapped in her panties and strip off her clothing seeking the back. Lela wakes up down onto a stool to her pantyhose, cleave gagged with her wrists and her wrists bound. You dumb bitch-I hired you because you’re qualified for your job, but you needed to put your nose where it didn´t fit and also we could &severe;t have that. I pull up her elbows over her head and tie them all together. Poor fearful Lela fights while I grope and fondle her tits. Poor thing doesn&severe;t understand what to do. While I go off to decide what to do with her she yells into her gag.

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