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The neighborhood was nice and quiet until Steve Villa proceeded in. You´d believe he was too old for throw loud parties of people. I&severe;ve already had him arrested once and I thought that could put an end to his nonsense. He comes over to inform me he is planning a big bash tonight and I see crimson. NO!! This is contrary to the HOA principles mister and I’ll call the police. He decides he&intense;therefore experienced enough of my busy body intefering and that he pulls out a few rope and immediately binds my wrists, knees and ankles so that I will be kept out of the way for the night. He moves off to my bedroom and returns with a pair of my panties. He grabs me by the hair and pushes it deeply into my mouth filling up and sealing the underwear in using duct tape. I fight, but he’s far too XXXX and that he gags me efficiently. He proceeds to bind my legs including way more roope and then he ties together my elbows and provides a torso harness. I scream through my gag, but the sound is so muffled that I will not be heard by any one. He leaves me struggling and me bend on the sofa and pulls at my skirt up over my bum exposing my garter belt and stockings and yields with rope. Here & acute; s a little something to entertain you he says because he adds that a tight crotch rope yanking this up in bum and my pussy. The bastard makes me completely helpless at a tight ball tie. I struggle bound and gagged all whimpering kicking and thrashing about on the floor when I begin to feel. As the crotch rope functions it & acute; s magic in my bound body, I moan in pleasure and that I start to experience the first of several orgasms.

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