Careful What You Wish For –


Hazel Hypnotic hasn’t made a secret of her need to be defeated, bound and used. She must know to be careful with what she wants for. Cyd Black is like an evil genie once it comes to providing her heart desires to a girl. Whatever fantasies she perverted has will soon be twisted and turned against her. To get a girl that has dreams that are tame this can be demanding. Because Hazel expect it to become catastrophic for someone as turned on by brutality. There are all kinds of toys around to make the experience memorable. Ass chains, hoods, canes, whips and hooks, each of put aside and all set. The question is which tools Cyd will use, but rather which combinations will provide him the very best results. Is it wiser to flog Hazel’s pussy while she moves hooded, or will her break quicker if he canes her ass after he up it?

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