Carmen Caliente Does It All.. –


Carmen Caliente is bound, gagged, and fished relentlessly by Derrick Pierce. ItAs an endurance and test of her lust. Carmen has barely had a break and is constantly in rope bondage. SheA’s suspended partially from the ceiling with her one-foot tied around her neck. If she wishes to stand, the other foot must be used. Derrick puts her in this situation to feign her. He then finger-fucks her by using her pussy, getting her off and finally face-fucking her. Then he turns her around, and then slams her with his hard cock. SheA is then tied to the ground with her pussy, and an ass. Derrick has complete access to sheA to torture and fuck. After preparing her to fuck her, he uses his vibes on her and then drives his hard cock in her. After fucking her, he then faces her and slides his wet cock into her bum. Carmen continues to cum in the same position for hours, not being able to stop it. CarmenA put her in full suspension with her legs out and her hands behind her back. Derrick seizes the opportunity and slaps CarmenA’s desperate pussy before fucking her. Carmen ends up tied to a fuck table with her legs spread wide, her lips agape, and her nipple cramps gnawing at her. Carmen drools as Derrick uses them, making her cum numerous times as he fucks and vibes on her. She is a cum-soaked, blubbering mess after he shoots her load.

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