Champagne Glam Beauty –


Leggy Terra Mizu is this a sneaky video nerd. She makes a living getting on a project as a secretary and stealing a organization &severe;s crucial data and selling it to their own competitors. I leave a dose of tired medicine in Terra&severe;s drink and wait in the hall till it takes effect. I catch the tall bitch at a choke hold and rope up her arms behind her back making sure to knock her elbows together . Regrettably for you Miss Terra Mizu, you offered my information on my nephew. Pretty geek Terra fights as the drink wears off and I pay her face with hand over mouth. The poor thing chokes and gasps as I wrap elastic bandage round and around and around her mind efficiently gagging the bimbo. I lift her skirt up exposing her sexy garter belt and stockings prior to binding her wrists together. Terra squeals benneath her gag, but doesn&severe;t stop me at all. I catch a little more rope and include a super tight crotch rope which makes sure it divides her pussy in two and provides her a swimsuit. Terra&severe;s eyes widen under her large glasses and she fights hopelessly in the seat, although the bondage holds her securely and she&intense;s not going anywhere. I tell her that I don´t like traitors and she’ll repent double crossing me stealing my business ´s info. I tie her knees then her wrists and I straddle her body hammering her head in between my tits smothering her bit. I recover the flashdrive from Terra´s notebook and leave the bitch helplessly seat bound and invisibly into her gag.

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