As the manager of a lender, I always take my job badly. I&severe;m working and I sit in my desk in the home resolving problems. I feel a a big beefy hand across a large muscular arm along with my mouth drags my kicking body to the ground and lifts me out of my chair. He presses on a moist cloth as his cutesy partner in crime sequences over my nose and mouth and that I feel that the room. I’m woozey and loopy in the medication and he needs the pass code to the lender & acute;s safe as he and his girl double team me and tie my hands behind my back. I mumble the amounts to the code and that he goes off to the bank leaving his bimbo spouse Chirssy Marie to see me. I realize she is as dumb as she is pretty and I start to panic from the bondage. I tell the woman that I have a heart condition and I need my medication. Assert my heart is palpitating and I beg to be untied. So that I can get into my medicine naive Chrissy Marie drops for my act and unties my hands. I catch the woman in a tight choke wrestle her into the floor straddling her to tease her and hold. She struggles and fights with all her might so I grab the wet rag and give her some fumes. After she & intense; s of it, I peeking her elbows together behind her back which makes sure to cinch the rope and then pick up a piece of their rope. I slap her face because she tie her ankles and then awakens. Chrissy kicks and bucks her body, but I’m stronger and she is ´t get loose. gagging her with elastic bandage wrapped around and about her face I XXXX a rag and then seal it. Your spouse is going to be mad at you. and You’re supposed to see me look at you. This infuriates Chrissy as I expose her tits, and I laugh. Awwww you couldn´t watch an old woman you thing that is dumb. I hogtie Chrissy yanking on the rope tight XXXX her into a wonderful arch. As acute, I &;m completing the knot, Matt returns and pulls me off of Chrissy´s jump body. He pins me down beneath his knees and then proceeds to hook me up. The burly bastard begins with my elbows and I shout out begging and begging for my life. He says she is unworthy and proceeds to bind my physique, although I advise him go and to shoot Chrissy. I roll and struggle on the floor begging with him and he tires of hearing me beg. He XXXX a large rag in my mouth procuring it in with layers of tape that is clear and pins me thighs. He also hogties me like Chrissy was hogtied by me and informs us he is out of here leaving the two of us jumped, gagging and fighting at our bed.

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