Petite socialite Roxie pulls in the tight leather cords that cut deep into the tender flesh around her wrists & wrists but the leather cords hold her tight. Where am I she cries out. Poor Roxie moans and cries to her gag as she finds the sound of my stiletto heels echoing off the cement flooring. She looks up from the older soiled mattress she sees me and has been laying . As I approach with my stiletto on the knee leather boots her eyes widen in panic. Roxie begs and pleas into her gag for her to please loosen the leather cords and allow her to stretch out her weak muscles and also to find some cirulation back in to her hands and feet. But I start to describe my goals to my rich captive and sit on a chair near the cot. Im too old to keep on working and I need to retire. You, my heiress, can help me achieve this goal instantly. I inform helpless frightened Roxie which we’re going to make a telephone call to her wealthy daddy and need that he transfer cash into my shore account in return for his or her prig kid &severe;s return. Untie and I reach over to Roxie her gag. I dial intense & her dad;s amount. Roxie cries when she hears intense & her father; s voice over the telephone and begs. I create the telephone then hangs up. I look down at my pretty small captive sobbing and crying on the soiled mattress. Enough!!! I material it into Roxie & intense and catch an old rag mouth and wrap duct tape around and around her mind shut. I snap a few photos to ship to Roxie & acute and pick up the cell phone ;s daddy as incentive. It is the right time to wait to come along with the money. I leisurely sit in the chair and put up my leather costume boots in acute & Roxie . Roxie&intense;s begging through the gag is persistent and I reach down to grope her sweet little helpless body and sobbing. I catch another leather string another leather string and tiesit involving acute & Roxie . I pull up the strand to her elbows that are jumped and Roxie is hogtied. I seems down at my captive and leave her telling her that as soon as the money is verified in my off shore accounts and I am through the border, I’ll phone the cops to inform them where she can be found by them. Roxie looks up in terror, that may be days? She pulls at her bindings again in a desperate effort. But no they still hold her quick, extreme & she isn ;t going to free herself she might have to wait till she is found by the cops.

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