Delightful Duo –


Scene One afternoon Billy came across a flyer advertising a massage parlor. He decided to treat himself and made an appointment. When he arrived he met his masseuse, the very sexy Lizz and she mentioned to him that during the massage he can request “extra special things.” That got him excited and curious. When they got to the room she started the massage and Billy asked about these “extra special things” she had mentioned. She agreed to show him. She had him roll over onto his back then she grabbed his cock and started to stroke it. Billy asked if she would get naked and she was more than happy to do so. As he checked out her amazing nude body she leaned in and started sucking his cock. He told her he wanted to taste her pussy so she crawled on top of him and got into a 69. He ate her pussy while she sucked and stroked his cock. Billy was so turned on he couldn’t hold back any longer so he exploded and came in her mouth. The last “extra special thing” she did for him was suck him dry and swallow every last drop of his cum.

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