Pretty Dacey Harlot is jumped with rope. Her arms have been tied in a box tie that was and the rope digs into her flesh. Her wrists are bound and much more rope is wrapped around her shoulder blades. The youthful beauty has her knees and ankles bound parallel style and worst of all the poor item &intense;therefore pussy is broken in 2 with a barbarous crotch rope along with each move the helpless woman causes the rope to bury deeper and deeper in her tight pussy. She´s hogtied with her legs pulled toward her two large feet are tied tightly together and her bound arms. I´t put a leather harness gag on Dacey´s mind along with the ballgag is shoved in between her lips. Dacey struggles furiously sobbing like a baby. I enter the room and stand above her body. The bad thing&intense;s eyes widen in panic as I link her leaping toes to the ring onto her head harness pulling back her head and tying it off. Dacey is currently completely helpless. I have no mercy for it although the beauty that is bound appears along with her eyes. I roll her and dangle my nipple clamps. Dacey yells through her gag as the clamps are applied. I like making her endure. She is my own personal toy to do with as I please. Dacey pops and then sobs out her heart!

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