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Episode 2: Like all great things, Felony’s show is all going to end. However, her fourth strike for Electrosluts is very possibly one of her most extreme looks, which is saying a lot considering how extreme her scenes usually are.I rig her into a very awkward position, with a single leg in the air with an acrylic plug securely tied to her pussy. It electrifies her pussy and gets her leap on one foot as the pain and pleasure of the involuntary pussy contractions washes over her.That will be enough to create most subs wince, however because this is Felony’s last time in my dungeon for awhile, I break out the cattle prod, and only the sight of this gets her eyes go wide. You’ll have to watch to see what her response is to the sound. With shocks to the legshocks to her ass and to the remainder of the body I make Felony dancing, despite having just 1 foot on the ground.

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