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I run a successful cocaine running operation. Flight attendants are used by me as my mule to bring the drugs on the flights from South America. I had been short half a kilo on this last trip and that I take matters into my own hands. I seized both flight attendants who were responsible for the last medication mule run. I drag them in to an abandoned warehouse blindfolded with their arms. I need to know who’s my drugs. I add each of them yanking their stewardess uniforms exposing their asses and providing both a camel toe and a crotch rope. I tug on the rope – on your feet missy I tell Lana and she cries for mercy. The two mules are busy blaming one another so I attach a string to the ropes round their 27, and mouthing me off. You start talking or else!!! I push a rag to redhead Hazel Allure&intense;s mouth and seal it shut with duct tape effectively silencing her mouth. Inadequate side kick Lana´s eyes widen in fear when I do the same. Dumb bitches don´t even know who they’re messing with. Give me my medication women or you won&severe;t last long in here. I attach a paint can to the series so that the dumb bitches choke and gasp for air – require some time to consider it girls – acute I &;ll be back. I leave them sobbing into their gags kicking on the paint can and straining to lift it up to relieve the pressure.

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