Foot Fetish Doctor Dream –


Imagine you are a doctor, but you also have a foot fetish. Then imagine you seek the services of a nurse just like Harmony Reigns to work in your office. Now envision the fantasies that would go through your head. . .wait, you don’t have to picture them yourself! We do the work for you in this new Total HD foot, shoe, along with pantyhose porn fetish XXX video!Can you imagine being Harmony’s physician supervisor, but dreaming about serving her dimensions 8.5 feet, and hearing her say in her British accent that she wants you to carry out your cock and stroke into her legs and peds in her white hosiery and gloomy red peep toe pumps? What will happen to your practice? You would probably wind up spending extra time because her foot worship servant than tending to a patients!And Nurse Harmony will take full benefit of her fetish electricity over you, tantalizing you at the exam room, posing her legs like a pinup or just like a dominatrix, dangling her soles and toes or towering over you on the feces, telling you to kiss her heels and smooch her sexy butt throughout the pantyhose, and generally making you obey her every mistress whim.When she’d finally tear her hosiery, she’d tantalize with her tight tight shaved pussy and then stick her reddish heel to her slit and explain to you how you would soon be licking the woman juice off her stilettos. And she would reveal her 34F tits and her bare French-pedicured feet at exactly the exact same time and make you completely enslaved to her understated attractiveness. So remember, Doctor! Be careful where you hire, because you may lose your practice to get a teasing foot fetish goddess at heels that will make you crawl and squirt!

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