Alexis Rain&extreme;s husband is one of the greatest golfers in the world, however he’s got a major gambling problem. He is in a terrible way with all the casino we function. Like two million in debt with his own gambling dependency. My partner&intense;s wife Vicky Vixxx and that I wait in the clubhouse for busty muscular Alexis to arrive. Vicky and I gush about her husband and also inform the dumb bitch that we are his greatest fans. We drool over her necklace that was featured in Vanity Fair and I get up close to get a better look at it. I press on a wet rag on Alexis face until she becomes really woozey and leggy blonde Vicky and I get to perform twice teaming her. I bind her wrists behind her back and until she may make too much of a fuss, Vicky shoves a huge ballgag into her mouth Alexis. I include a crotch rope while Vicky taunts and teases her. Vicky is really to girls and she embraces the chance she pulls Alexis dress exposing her big tits and then gives Alexis a lap dance. Alexis shakes her head in protest and struggles within her bondage, however I&extreme;t frogtied her legs into the chair and despite her enormous muscles, there isn&intense;t even poor helpless Alexis can do. Vicky straddles Alexis and pulls her out tits massaging all over the bound girl´s face. I laugh since Vicky is hot to trot over Alexis and decides to keep her around for some time. Of course we will need to wait before the golf tournament is over so that we can collect the debt from her husband. We leave her gagged and tied up grunting and groaning into her gag trying desperately to get the bondage loose.

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