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Busty blond heiress -dollar naked except for her sandals. Her arms crushed together behind her wrists and the chair crossed ankles all of the way up to her buttocks. A ring gag was jammed between her teeth XXXX her mouth open. Carissa sobs and cries out to support. She doesn´t know what is going on inside this situation that is horrible. After some time a searchable masked guy describes Carissa this is really a napping and enters and she must call her family that is rich to ask for ransom. He threatens Carissa to cooperate then removes her ring gag and puts a phone to her mouth. She begs her family for help and also asks them to rush with the ransom. The guy tactics Carissa into gag her and is satisfied with the telephone, but she decides to suck her captor and asks him to make love and to untie her so that she can instruct him. The man is bound legs and start to fondle her big tits and confused and Carissa continues to play him up because he comprehends her plan but he becomes mad. He shoves a cloth in her mouth and seals it in with many layers of tape. Carissa sobs, cries and struggles but she is unable to get anything to stop him. He adds additional rope to her tits roping them closely as she cries out in pain and that he puts clover nipple clamps on her. The masked man goes off leaving bad naked Carissa fighting and trembling.

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