ID Slip and buttplug –


Im having a very enjoyable time on the settee planning to put on a fresh diaper. Im wearing a very adorable Sonic The Hedgehog t-shirt, a knee length pair of matching Sonic The Hedgehog socks, along with my tight little bum is naked. I enjoy the texture of this settees cloth rubbing against my bum and the backs of my thighs, but I still know this is nothing compared to how good the diaper will feel when I eventually strap it on! I choose a brand new ID Slip diaper that is white, unfold it, and lay it down on the settee. I then lay on top of this, loving it rustles under me. I pause to let the expectation on build of slipping it, and suddenly a idea pops right into my mind. I take a silver butt plug that I have close at hand, give it a suck to get it nice and moist, and then slowly and exquisitely slide it into my very tight buttocks. It feels amazing, and that I savour the moment lovingly. Then, with all the butt plug in place, I set on the diaper, so making it tight and nice to keep up the pressure on the butt plug. Tingles run through my body, and the simple fact that’m being gloomy gets me even hotter. It feels like paradise, and that I even strike at a couple of different poses about the settee to get the effect. Time for me to get off the settee and go about my daywith the diaper on and whats inside it very much set, naturally;)

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