Young latina ChiChi Medina is here in order to make an application for a barmaid task at my pub looking sexy and sweet in her blouse and short skirt. I start to ask her the dumb bimbo along with a few standard questions can speak English. Well darlin&acutecan you expect to work severe & the company man;s lunch after you can&severe;t and they speak. Chi Chi that is little stutters and stumbles and I can tell she has no clue what I am saying. Only makes you far missy!!!! The wheels start to turn and that I invent a strategy for your sweet hot girl. I tell her I’ll employ her as an entisement to get local men throughout the lunch hour into my bar. She looks at me with her large eyes that are innocent that are brown and also of course has no clue what I am speaking about!!! All the better!! I advise her to climb up onto the pub if she needs some dinero. Well that she realizes!!! I expose her little tits and unbutton her skirt. Yes!!! I shall draw a large crowd here beside you Sexy ChiChi gets about the bar and that I whip some rope out and then bind her wrists up and cinch them behind her back. She starts to yell and starts to get frightened. Don´t worry this is really a win-win!! A wonderful crotch rope handing her a camel toe and exposing he panties is added by me. I push on down her body into a small ball tie and bind her ankles. Tight enough to make her sob, but loose enough to not conceal her face. Now don´Can you look perfect doll? While I go to start up for a busy lunch hour!!! chiChi is still sobs along with perplexed

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