Insatiable Ass Part 2 –


As soon as we return to Ashley Lane she looks about as broken as she can get. Her face is covered in smudged cosmetics from crying, and her entire body is covered in marks and bruises from being clubbed at together with the whip. She looks like she could use a change of speed, and we gladly oblige and change the focus over to her incredible ass.Bent within shackles in addition to a box, Ashley gives us our first look at what will be the focus on our show. Her asshole is immaculate and gaping, just asking for us to have a better look inside. We stick a speculum in there and determine what type of view we can get. Then, once we have a fantastic idea how wide her ass could capture , we lube the pogo to determine exactly how deep we could make it go. Ashley may be crying by the end, but we will know what there is to know about that bum.

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