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Leggy blonde Jenny Jett stays on the couch explaining on the phone that she must babysit two little brat girls all weekend and they’re stuck inside because of the rain. As she talks she admits that she hasn&intense;t heard out of the little brats at some time and attempts to resist check on them. Suddenly she feels incredibly light headed and nauseous. Jenny grabs her stomach as the room starts to spin, she attempts to have a measure when her entire world goes black and that she drops back onto the sofa limp. Jenny awakes afterwards still on the couch but something is truly incorrect. She tries to move but her palms a trapped behind her back. Then she feels the tight ropes that are knotted around her slender wrists, ankles and knees. WTF is going on here, she calls for the girls but there is no response. She demands that the girls untie her since she struggles off the sofa. The fairly babysitter fights on the couch pulling the ropes but they are too closely tied, she is helpless. She calls for the women to help her cries for help will be answered by giggling and laughter from the bedroom. Jenny rolls her legs off the sofa and with her knees on the floor and her bum in the air. She begs the woman to untie her demands are answered with laughing and giggling. Jenny sinks to her hip frustrated and upset, she tells them when she gets loose that they are likely to be in so much trouble. Ultimately the giggling duo comes out to her, Jenny looks up at them in the floor and demands that they untie the ropes now. Jenny struggles on the floor hoping to reach her cell phone, but she could &severe;t locate it. She begs the girls promising to make them cookies, but rather than preventing her out of the ropes they pull out a pair of their mommy´s panties. It doesn´t take a minute before Jenny realizes that the giggling brats intend on gagging her with all the soiled panties as they wave them in front of her face laughing. Jenny is helpless to stop them with her wrists bound and she makes a final plea or them to stop this foolishness and liberated her today. Nevertheless, they laugh and Jenny realizes there’s nothing she can do on it. The girls manage to stuff the panties to her mouth afterward seal bad Jenny´s mouth shut with clear packaging tape. The also added more rope for security to be sure there wasn’t any way Jenny will escape and spoil their pleasure. Helpless Jenny grunts and yells in pain in her gag as she believes her elbows kissing behind her back. The ropes slice deep into the tender flesh around her upper arms pushing her forearms tightly with her back and she´s hogtied. Her poor shoulder scream in pain since they are stretched and pulled back . She yells into her gag. They can´t worry about leaving her bound, gagged and helpless all evening. She yells into her gag as she sees them leave at night, Bailey falls over onto her side and grunts in pain because her poor shoulder hits the floor. She struggles desperately in the ropes attempting to obtain any slack in any way, any hope that she can free herself. However, her hands are going numb and her wrists scream in pain. Jenny may do nothing but sob and cry into her gag hoping that someone will show up to save her from the brutal ropes.

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