Making a mess on her mams! –


Newcomer Christina Shmidt may not possess the greatest tits on display this week, but she goes all-out with the boobage she’s to blow our heads as she fucks Timo Hardy to an explosion all over her face and stand and sucks! But let us back up a bit first and see how it all starts for our Model of the Day. . .The action starts with a nice bit of solo tease as Zoi stands barefoot in her skirt and white shirt. When she takes her top off and drops her skirt, we now all see she has actually got a lovely body with. She begins drinking a glass of milk which she pours over her knockers down her belly into her crotch, which makes quite a mess. She stands over us with all the milk shimmering on her jugs.Then Timo shows she laps down to suck on his instantly stiff penis. Well, your penis would be immediately stiff too! She actually seems to appreciate all the while pouring milk, his monster beef. She tit-fucks him with this pleasant although enormous grin on her head, while she fucks this stud, as though she’s really enjoying teasing the hell out of us! Zoi sucks his dick while squeezing her boobs and leans over. She’s got a pussy with a nice lawn of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed , and soon that slit sticks back on his pole and rides him reverse cowgirl-style while her titties jiggle and shake above. She’s still a white, sticky mess although the milk is massaging her dugs. Turning around, she shows us her asshole while she fucks him a while, spreading her cheeks to show her gape. Turning down to the floor, Zoi gets banged and gives her a fuck that leaves a much more incredible gape if he pulls out to her. Zoi gets on her haunches and Timo jacks off his semen blending in with the milk onto her tits below, onto her waiting tongue. Phenomenal show!!! Read more

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