Poor lovely Roxie Rae left by her husband that was . She makes the mistake of venturing into online relationship while her husband is out of town. She meets with the man for a drink and is looking for out it is her step kid!! She is mad that he cried on his profile and she has been placed in this compromising situation. Her measure son says he will tell his dad about Roxie&severe ;s indiscretions. Roxie says she will do whatever and begs him not to do this. The measure infant insists that she wear the Gucci sunglasses he attracted her for their date and brings Roxie into his home. The man has yet another fetish and he moans intense & Roxie;s arms behind her back crushing her elbows together and roping up them all the way down her slim arms. This hurts Roxie complains but severe & her whining doesn;t even phase him. In actuality, that the bastard that is kiinky is getting off watching Roxie bound with the sunglasses. He tells her to open the door with her and watches her fight to reach her arms up towards the doorway. He then makes her stroll down the hall while he breathes heavily following her into his sack. He binds up her ankles and eliminates her heels laughing because she shrieks while he frees her bare toes!!

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