Blond blonde Roxie Rae is really excited about the steel restraints she bought as a surprise. She know just how much Roxie playing his damsel in distress and being helpless turns him. She catches her ballgag and straps it into her mouth keeping her mouth open with her mouth. Then she shackles her legs and thread that the handcuffs throughout the chain tightly and nice. Next the thumb cuffs are applied by her and it is clear that Roxie is moist and ready for him to take her. She struggles quite hot and can be anxiously waiting for him to walk through the doorway and fuck the hell out of her. A text message is seen by roxie and finds out her man was detained at work for many hours. She does not have any clue where she’s starts to fear wondering just how she will ever find loose and set the keys. The thumb cuffs tighten even more as she wiggles her hands desperately hoping to get off the cuffs. Roxie decides to kick her off heels that are and she fumbles till she is bent on her toes. She attempts to telephone to Siri for assistance, but also the ballgag inhibits intense, Siri &; s being able to understand or respond. Now frantic Roxie hobbles off the the bedroom to search for the secrets…

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