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It’s been months and Sahrye is currently enjoying the detective/partner in crime , her revenge of me’s photos, who murdered her. “Look how miserable she’s bound and gagged, her toes tied tight as fuck! She needed to be tied up tight – I still wonder what my henchmen have done to her now!” Little did hispanic gang boss Enchantress Sahrye know I got outside. Yes, I was saved by my police division – it took them some time and it was embarrassing for me, but that I had been spared. The section kept the news . Naturally, I am all about revenge and this time is will probably be worse for Sahrye. My plan, instead of catching her throwing her in prison, is always to XXXX Sahrye. I shall humiliate her that she is going to be not able to run her gang lord company. I will have her and invite all of her crime bosses around to play Sahrye. Then I work with her as I want and shall bring her house. The time Sahrye published, she will have no power since the Puerto Rican boss that is tough. Sahrye just got off the phone after finding out that I was saved along with the police are advocating me to keep me safe down off. If Sahrye is going to leave to go meet with her henchmen, I surprise her at her front door, g pointed in her head – acute & don;t shout bitch!! I take control handing her tape and pushing her into a chair, although sahrye acts tough and belligerent. Gag yourself bitch that I need. I choose to cloro her as she continues with her offense conversation. She puts a great battle, but shortly is out cold. She awakens and feels weird. Elbows and her hands are tied tightly and so are her knees, although she is able to speak. In actuality, severe, bad fiesty Sahrye &;s large toes are tied ridiculously together. Sahrye straddles and taunt her laughing. I humiliate the crime lord and tell her what’s about to take place. I stuff her Latina mouth that is large and then seal it in with duct tape. How´s that missy? Not so tough now, are you? I begin to suck and lick her bound feet and put down on the ground. Sahrye struggles such as a girl, but I am determined to make her completely humiliated. I worship her toes then I catch up and laugh at her. I decide I&severe;t had enough fun for the afternoon and I need Sahrye to be quiet…. I press on on a moist rag tightly over her nose and mouth and watch because she freaks out bucking and straining. Her efforts are futile and soon the room becomes dark for Sahrye. I abandon her bound and gagged waitng for her henchman to locate her humiliated.

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