Record of Meggie’s live show.. –


Twisted, hard core "Bi Encouragement" with your "MILF".Custom vid. Im excited to tell you about our upcoming night out dancing. Ive decided to dress you up like a sexy lady, slutty dress, panties, stockings, wig, make-up. You will be so passable that men in the bar will treat you like a lady. Theyll flirt with you, buy you drinks & dance with you. Youll make them really excited but when they figure out you have a penis instead of a vagina theyll get very rough with you. They dont treat faggots they way they treat ladies. Theyll drag you into the washroom & have their way with you. Many of them. All running a train on your ass & mouth. Theyll gang-bang you hard…but I know you well enough to know that youll actually like it…

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