I shove on Private Maria Marley to the room with her arms cruelly bound in a tight reverse osmosis that is barbarous. The young private idea she do the ideal thing by giving a report on me – her leuitenant! The bimbo said me to my superiors and I’m determined to make her own name is reneged by her. I twist up the winch pulling hher and attach her bound arms. Maria screams however, the thing that is idiotic proceeds to conduct her mouth threatening to turn me in again and questioning my activities. I pull on her uniform up over her buttocks exposing her lace panties that are bright and a tight crotch rope splitting her pussy is added by me. Is this how you repay me for everything that I did for you missy – bringing you up? I seal it in real nicely with tape efficiently muffling her and shove into her huge mouth. I add another rope round her ankles that are booted securing them and bind her knees. Poor helpless Maria looses her balance and spins onto the cable. She agrees to say her report was fabricated and begs me to let her move. I abandon her dangling like a fish on a hook and fighting to loosen your bondage. I pull out a thin leather string and return after a while. Do you know what this is for Personal Marley? The doesn´rats are tolerated by t! I catch her by the throat and wrap the leather cord. Maria&severe;s eyes widen in panic as I tug it nice and tight.

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