Amanda Fox is engaging in a TV reality series about challenges. She’s determined to go home with the grand prize. Her very first challenge is freeing herself. She’s just two minutes so as to walk off with the payout to escape. Until she realizes that her big toes will likely be tied together with wire, amanda is confident and cocky. Amanda struggles and starts and the clock begins her escape attempts rubbing at her feet against the ground and stretching her feet. The bell rings and she moans that the wire was prohibitive and too wire. The following challenge starts with hot Amanda&acute. She is given another chance to win prize. The clock begins and Amanda&severe;s assurance starts to fade. The toe ties won’t budge, although her toes rub against the floor . She has a third chance to win a prize and her feet are tied together with duct tape and rubber bands at this time. She tries her best while the clock is moving away – her feet pressed against the ground dragging back and forth to have the off rubber bands and her toes struggling, but she fails and admits beat. Poor busty wasn´t told concerning the booby prize. She has to submit to humiliation and her arms and that I put in more rope together binding her wrists again. I show her pink panties and slowly peel them. Amanda&intense;s eyes glow as I push on the panties deep and then wrapping her mind upon layer of bandage. Poor southern belle can´t talk now. I tape the dumb bimbo up into the chair and grab a roll of duct tape. For her embarrassment I cut on on off her dress exposing her big natural tits and dangle a pair of shiney clover nipple clamps in the front of her face. She cries out under the gag as I put them and then leave the poor hot MILF taped and jump up struggling in the seat.

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