The Dong Song –


AnthonyA’s 9 uncut inches, which he has on a 5A6A’ body, look like the sun rising above Ecuadorian mountain peaks. Some men are truly blessed. Some people have one superior resource that they know is their calling card. AnthonyA is a fat joystick that has tickled tonsillitis many times. We also know that he likes having his own inner itch scratched. Anthony has the Latin heat, like a tiny Zorro. It simmers slow in his case like an arroz con pollo pot over a low flame. Then it’s time for dinner and Anthony packs the whole family’s value meal. Anthony uses every inch of his hairless body as a highly-trained instrument of amazing sexuality. The mound in his white shorts spills from his top, like fresh bread exploding out of a wrapper. While the chorizo moves just below his waistband, his dark, straight, black hair is visible. He flips around and drops his shorts, before bending over to see the inches hanging between his mocha-colored cheeks. He is an artist who can play his body as a great instrument. He grabs the baby oil and his pole glows. His hole sparkles. The seduction continues until the man can no longer stand it.

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