The Farm: Bellas Visit.. –


Nothing says bondage like spending some time with PD. Bella Rossi is a veteran bondage slut. She enjoys being locked down and played . Her favorite part is getting fucked, but if she s going on feeling any cock within her she is going to need to get through the foreplay. PD is no virgin searching for his original score, although for many men that means a little bit of kiss, possibly some gropes. He's among the greatest names in BDSM for a motive he knows how to choose a woman. It starts with allowing her languish but before long he s escalated this scene into cold, hard metal along with a few significant corporal punishment. Just before the finale PD gets her into the supreme “fuck merdquo; position. Her legs have been pulled up and down back, exposing her ass and pussy. Her mind is locked so he can come about and ram cock. She is dripping wet, and helpless, exposed. She couldn't ask for something more.

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