Curvy Mob Accountant Lana Lane is occupied cooking the books and studying numbers. She is engrossed in her job that she doesn&intense;t hear woman Star Nine tip toeing at the background. Star ambushes Lana from behind grabbing her in a choke hold that is barbarous. Lana struggles but is under control of Star and she is limp on the ground. Star grabs binds Lana and rope &extreme;s wrists and elbows with her back. Finishing off her tieing her ankles and jacking intense & Lana;s body into a hogtie. She rolls Lana over face slapping her until she awakens. Better collaborate bitch. What is the password? Lana feigns innocence and Star tries to get the info from the notebook computer. Unsuccessful, Star chokes Lana and makes the decision to seek out for the next set of novels in the house. I put in the room and discover Lana – what is happening? I am filled by lana while I untie a few of her bondage departing her wrists free and her elbows. I conceal until Star returns and also we grapple. I catch her neck and refuse to let go as gags and Star chokes till she goes down. I immediately rope up the scrawny hench girl and demand information – who the fuck delivered you blondie? I&severe;you will talk and m also the boss of this family. I demand to know who she is currently searching for and XXXX Star . I chased the bitch however Star won&acute. She yells at me since I catch some garrote and flash it. In eliminate her, lana chimes! Star informs me that I has been double crossed by Lana! I gag the mob Attorney and then pull out a plastic bag. No one double crosses me!! That I grab the laptop and I deal with business with these two bitches that are conniving the way and leave.

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