Curvy Mara Jade and I get home from a long night of partying and now then we run into a degenerate thug dressed all in black attempting to haunt us. We rush and grab him from behind in a choke hold then quickly zap the loser using a tazer falling him directly into the ground. Maria eliminates her stiletto heels and begins beating the thief over the head. I catch a bunch of rope and she sits him smothering the boy along with her big ass while I tie his wrists behind his back. You made a real fucking mistake loser boy – this mother daughter team is going to teach you a lesson! The robber starts to beg for mercy, but we dismiss his pleas and XXXX up him into his knees. Maria smothers him with her enormous tits turning his face glowing red. She grabs his penis and squeezes it hard causing the boy to cry out at the pain. Maria puts her ass on his head and gradually peels down her silk panties. We XXXX them in the boy&intense;s mouth and I wrap his head closely with thick electrical tape. He is starting to look very distressed by the brutal tape and we&extreme;t only gotten started. Maria ass smothers him he bucks and grunts when his breath is totally taken away. I begin tying his ankles together while pretty blonde daughter jumps up and down on his bound body along with her entire weight. He groans pitifully as we roll him to tie the boy just like a hog double hammering the thug. We roll him over again and take a seat on the sofa resting our heels on him as if he had been our private human furniture foot remainder. I taunt him by placing my heel over his throat choking him out. When he&extreme;s finally turned bright red we determine we´ve had enough fun for a bit and we depart the jump male burglar brutally gagged, hogtied and struggling on the ground.

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