I respond to an advertisement or Craig&severe;s List – that a young girl. I admire the auto – mmmm so sleek and sexy – what a beauty. I ask her questions in an attempt to discover whether she lives. Yes she lives by herself – perfect!! I tell her my husband should find the auto and she readily agrees offering for me to wait inside for him. That is better than Isevere;d hoped for. The bell rings and ambushes her placing his hand over mouth and an arm round her throat. He wrestles Candle down to the couch and this girl is kicking like a woman. Her long legs flail in the air and she yells beneath the hands. OMG – the Arabs are gonna love you honey – they love woman that is American. We try to silent the tit bimbo by pushing on a rag and wrap elastic bandage round and about her beautiful face. This incites her even more and she fights to get free, but my spouse is far too strong for her along with her wraps his legs around her waist holding her while he ties her elbows together cinching them tight!! If she manages to get the mouth stuffing out and laugh at her I grab her titties. I shove it back and gag her sealing in it closely with duct tape. The bitch doesn&extreme;t cease struggling for another and he moves her down onto the ground where I’m XXXX to hold her legs while he ends hammering them with rope. The way to a crotch rope little one deep in your pussy and wrapped around your little waist upward through your ass lips. We end it off in a rear arching hogtie whilst subdues the girl. Yesdoll – we are currently selling you and your vehicle! I XXXX her to sign over the title to me personally and then also pull her up onto her knees. Poor Candle Boxxx sobs to her gag extreme & she ;s gotten herself into. I get the vehicle ready to roll up and bind her wrists up. Yes pretty blond person – your Mustang and you can make us a lot of cash!!

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