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This week back to fulfill even more member dreams is Josh West, horse-hung. After making his much anticipated debut Josh added his already growing fan base and also a size queen or two, and more supporters. Originally Josh was found the joys of wanking at the early age of 5 and always a sexy one. It was bigger so that it was entertaining to play with. GotId adore it! Having this 9 monster penis has afforded him many opportunities and hes tried just about everything thats caught his fancy. The only draw back is that often times he has closed down in the gate once he hauls out that massive meat. We guess it requires a particular sort of guy to appreciate all the thick cock Josh must provide (You KNOW that you are! ) ) . With us now to help Josh take care of business is a local boy in Orlando, FL. Feliz Andrews is 21 as he has first dibs and he will be the one to envy this day. It seems like that is going to be a terrific moment. Feliz likes guys who are older and a bit taller and Josh admits that he enjoys Latinos and men are a bonus. Well, New-comer, Feliz, is in great hands. Josh currently has over 30 names under his belt. . .and a 9 that is thick cock only past it. Apply bibs….NOW! They waste time and are making out when the cameras start to roll. Since they make out they begin to undress each other, investigating each others bodies that are tight since they do. Josh is on his own toes and laps for his belt while Feliz looks up at him with a look of anticipation. His penis is obviously outlined as his shorts come his fly components and undone. The cock arches up, snaking alongside his crotch and his move is made by Feliz. His tongue begins to trace the outline of the meaty python in the warm sensation on his meat as Josh coos. His cock tents his briefs so that we can see it rips out over the sides. Feliz frees his meat and can be immediately rewarded with a mouth filled with cock. His opens as wide as he could while Josh feeds him all the dick he can handle–with both handson! Joshs aching cock slowly dips in and outside from Feliz sucking mouth as Josh fucks his encounter in several positions., massaging his meaty shaft together his full lips and across his face as he teases him mercilessly. As Josh holds his monster cock by its base, we get a much better appreciation of exactly how large his fuck stick isits thick as a babys arm and in prep for where hell function utilizing itJosh goes on Feliz smooth ass, licking it before hell push his fat penis inside.Awww, Fuuuck yeah is all we hear, as Feliz, face buried in the pillow, moans as Josh maintains his tight buttocks. Everyone knows without putting a flag in 12, you cant maintain anything. And as much as flag sticks –Josh is more than willing to maintain that a continent. . .or two. Feliz is carrying every inch just like a man; since they groan and revel in precisely how good it is. Take that dick! As he watches his thick dick vanish inside Feliz because he pummels Feliz in a popular doggie place grunts josh. From that point, Josh tells Feliz to switch and he sets him on his side., pushes one of his knees forward a bit and slides his dick back for more. Within this place, he will kiss Feliz as he begins very fucking his ass that is hungry. As he buries his bone his balls smack Feliz thigh. Joshs ass looks great, climbing and falling with every thrust he gives. Ohhh hole he proceeds, now fucking Feliz bent over so he can observe his meat in action. Feliz isnt bracing for your fucking hes getting, Joshs penis has Feliz hole that is hot . . .Feliz easily slides in and out from him. Seriously, what butt wouldnt be pleased with some dick like that? (Dont answer that, fuckers–it was a rhetorical question!) LOL Joshs torso and arms bend as they grip Feliz, pinning him into positions that are different. He then lies back, then sitting straight back Feliz to his penis where Feliz rides his cock hard. That always does the trick since Feliz, explodes his seed around the place. Josh isnt much behind and shortly empties his own heavy load all. Whew.

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