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After Aarons orgasm during his very first video, I really wished to watch him get fucked. The wonderful thing is that he has shown no limitations regarding what he’s into during sex and is versatile. I didnt see it until they sat there together, however, the comparison between him and Esteban was quite alluring and interesting.First, we’ve got the cultural gap. The contrast of Estebans golden dick from Aarons firm butt seemed to pull . Then there are the characters. Esteban is extremely competitive and definitely not shy. Aaron is soft spoken and eases to a circumstance. Ultimately, theres the magnitude difference two muscled bodies in their own right, however viewing Esteban fling Aaron down on the bed before he ate his ass out was extremely hot!But Aaron showed that he might be aggressive too and take charge of the larger guy, pushing back Estebans penis as he shot it deeper, his hard dick bouncing with each thrust. Until that last long stroke made him cum kissing and their moans appeared to drive Aaron what he desired to be given by Esteban. Aaron laid there as Esteban came on his butt and massaged his cum all over his spine.

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