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Billy and danny are reveal offs!We eaten breakfast and had become early. Then we chose to take the boys out on the lake for some fun.We captured one of the big inflatable tubes and then attached into the back of the ship. OK, maybe we went a little too fast. Danny had a burst. I wasnt so sure about Billy!The item was that the guys (especially Danny) kept taking their swim suits away. I thought it was funny since there were plenty of other ships on the water which got an eyeful of young buttocks and cock. We were fortunate we didnt buy arrested!We found a tiny place that is secluded and moored. There were some rocks that were all hot and sunny and Billy got to suck Dannys penis, something that I am sure he desired all morning.But, there were still too many people around and I wished to find these two fuck. Thus, we went back to my own friends condominium where the kissing, sucking, and fucking ran well into the day…

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