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Angelo Marconi is right back after popular demand. Angelo is now 33 years old and from Los Angeles. Angelo is eloquent sexy and definitely turned up the heat, just as the temperatures were beginning to dip, with his steamy debut solo month. Weve been bombarded with requests to view more and thats just what youre gon na today get. Back from yesteryear is a native we havent seen Andrew Blue, in a couple of years. Andrew is 25 today, so are happy to get him and looking hot as hell. The weather down here has been a bit moist due to the storm barreling by just. Sex, sexual intercourse, gender is to while Angelo likes to eat Andrews go. Is he currently KIDDING? Going on, we then wondered how they would compare their display sex lives that were off . They both agree that the gender at home is about the same since they understand who theyre being romantic with in home its lot more enthusiastic and though not having to worry about the cameras and positions is fine. Passion and chemistry are equally accelerants and they dont ever come together on place. Today we wont need to worry about this with these two. Theyve been eyeing each other. . .Shall we? Andrew is waiting for his meals when he hears a knock on the door, to be sent. Its Angelo in jeans and a tee. When I eat healthful will I look just like you, damn gushes? Angelo grins as he mumbles a maybe begins to feel his torso. Angelo begins to fumble along with his pants and isnt going to stop him onto his knees Andrew lands. Andrew shortly has Angelos growing within his mouth and cock from his trousers. As he gets that dick of his or her sanity, angelo yells. Human anatomy is a cinnamon picture and, except for a bush, hes naturally smooth. He sees as Andrew worships his cock as he takes down every inch his 19, looking him up. Andrew stands up and drops his shorts and hauls. Angelo is more than willing to return this favor as he wraps his lips about Andrews thick prick. Andrew fucks his face to get a little before becoming comfy as Angelo makes a meal from the dick and sitting . Angelo slaps his tongue with that cock and pushes it far down . Andrew is eloquent, tattooed and contains a thick beefy frame which only adds to his bad boy charm.Once Angelo is ready to find that dick delivered that he receives all four; arches his back and yells Fuck me. He spreads those cheeks wide open because he plays with his hole. Andrew gets on this activity as he kneels behind that ass and starts to finger that hole. I dont want one teasing me Angelo coos, I want you ! Angelo doesnt have to be told as he slides inside and squeezes against his rock hard prick. He gets this dick all the way in that sexy as and starts to tap this ass doggy style. Andrew slides as he spreads over and over his dick inside that cock in and out of the tight ass effortlessly. Andrew subsequently gets Angelo to bend on the chaise and slides his dick back. Angelo cant include his desire as he simply begs Andrew to get more. Andrews smooth balls slap away at that smooth hole as he uses that tight ass to milk his cock. Missionary is next as he has active fucking that ass and places Angelo on his trunk. Since that dick slams into his prostate, angelo cant help but jack off. He unloads all over his sculpted abs as Andrew fucks him heavy. Andrew then pulls out and busts his own load, delivering jet after jet of thick cum splattering all over Angelos lean navel.

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