Immanuel & Jeff –


I think Immanuel liked fucking than he thought he’d. It had been that the hard body action? Or eventually getting to behave on some gym fantasy hes had?Since he can spend a great deal of time at the gym, I wondered whether he “mistakenly” glanced over at anyones dick from the locker room. “Whats the largest penis youve ever found?” I asked Immanuel. “I dont know…” he said hesitantly. “Youve been in locker rooms right?” “However, I dont look! “He kind of responded with a shy laugh. “Just imagine. “He even used his hands to show how big the largest cock hes”never” found in the gym. “I dont understand… concerning yay. “I can tell Jeff was awaiting reveal Immanuel what he was hiding under his shorts, and so he asked him to show him his own”yay. “Immanuel appeared pleasantly stunned. “Requires more YAY!” He smiled as he held his hands wide apart…

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