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As soon as I met Jamie, Jake had already done a number of movies. I remember wanting to have them but their schedules lined up like the opportunity to have those 2 studs fuck each other had matters have worked out in my favour, and it felt! Jamie has become a tiny fuck stud and Jakes surprise return has been very exciting. Since their first looks, both have increased and are becoming even sexier more hair, longer muscles, and much more sensual. In fact, Jamie is probably among the sexiest, hungriest, most aggressive bottoms Ive ever had the pleasure of filming! He knows it and loves it! Jake may take as great as he provides, and of course and its constantly sexy watching his huge meaty cock in activity. They were turning with enthusiasm to acquire each other naked.They sat in the car talking about their experiences with different men. The consensus? Jake has been evenly versatile. Jamie could count the times he’s topped. “How many times have you bottomed man?” Jamie asked Jake. “Ive probably bottomed perhaps on half the videos Ive made. Pretty versatile. Half and half.” “Ive topped three times… four days… thats about it,” Jamie replied. “I feel that the bottom is the most crucial part you understand. Anyone can shirt really…” Jake added, almost like he had been acknowledging Jamies ability at taking it.Jamie consented with a grin. “Yeah, anyone can top. What makes the video is your bottom!”

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