Mark & Ethan –


To say that I was excited for a modest action about Marks yield could be a understatement. He took a time to coming to this conclusion, but it was well worth the waitbecause he’s really, really hot!He was excited about the thought of getting his beautiful dick worked over by a different man, because it was something completely new and he also didnt know what to expect.Ethan was also excited. Hes been strengthening his cock-sucking abilities and has actually gotten pretty good at deep throating.I love to take men to the beach because its a terrific way to allow them to get to know one another, and once we got there that the excitement really kicked up. Mark was awestruck with the area’s beauty! When the two of them were still sitting enjoying the waves, the big surprise came. They leaned in to kiss each other, and made out, tongues and most importantly, right there with not a care in the world. Then they looked into each other eyes and smiled. I knew this will be fun!

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