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Its Halloween weekend and maintaining in the spirit we made a decision to bring our members a deal by the name of Richie Sabatini. Its been some time since weve found this 23 year old Miami boybut were always pleased to have him. Tyler Shields is here too and making his introduction. This 22 year-old Indiana native might be enjoying himself in Florida; but things are going to get much better. We requested these two later all their invoices were paid exactly what was the very last thing they handled . Tyler recently bought himself a crotch rocket. For Richie it was clothes from Armani Exchange. Then we asked them when money was no object what they’d want to acquire. Richie would need a jet ski. For Tyler he would just spend the money on additional parts for his new bike. Then we chose to wrap things up by asking if they may be in the center of a popular fantasy three-way who would they pick as their partners. Richie has a partner so he’d be supporting him in front he isnt sure at the moment. For Tyler, he also has a spouse that could be bringing up the caboose. As for who are in front of himhe wouldnt head Johnny Hazzard to slip into. Well, get in line, that wouldnt?! Wellenough talk- lets get both of these naked. . .Two demons wander into a bar with a bottle of lube in one hand and a boner at the other… well, maybe not precisely; but they make it home jointly. Richie and Tyler come back from a night of trick or treating and start to explore every other still wearing their masks. They’re short lived as they join Richies trousers on the floor. Tyler hauls outside Richies thick cock as he has to work sucking on his dick. Richie yells as he receives his cock worshiped. Tyler takes his period as he savors Richies rock tough meat. Tyler then gets up to make out with Richie to get a bit before Richie gets his knees to return the favor. Tyler gasps as Richie wraps his lips around his cock. Richie gradually services Tylers dick since he runs his hot tongue across the length of Tylers shaft down over his smooth balls. An wonderful shot below reveals off Richies oral skills as Tyler requests him to suck on his dick. Tyler and Richie go back to creating because their hard cocks rub together. They havent had enough of each other therefore they reconvene on the ground at a steamy 69 where every can become just as much cock as they need before continuing on to bigger and better things.These two claws are rock hard and Richies penis desires over Tylers sweet mouthwatering. He sits back and watches as Tyler straddles him in a reverse cowgirl. Tylers stroking his hard cock as he impales himself on Richies. He takes it like a champ since Richies cock asserts that ass. Tyler begins to grind this hot butt up and down on that dick forcing Richie nuts because he moans in ecstasy. Tyler wants every inch of this as he leans back and dollars that sexy ass back onto Richies dick. Tyler then gets up and gets right back to that dick only facing Richie this time. Richie catches Tylers taught waist because he helps him that dick of his. Tyler has a hot ass and knows how to use it as he bounces up and down on that dick. Richie then gets on the sofa and braces as Tyler gets him and offers him a number of the same. Tyler slides his cock in to Richies hungry hole because he grunts and takes him deep. Richie does his best to adapt Tylers fat dick because he gets that ass stretched open. Tyler slowly fucks that ass and soon they are ready to blowoff. They stand opposite each other and bust their loads throughout a very blessed jack-o-lantern and themselves. Mmmmm Trick. . .Or treat? -you decide!

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