Shauna Skye & Chad White –


Blonde, handsome, hard bodied, and possessing one of the most beautiful cocks on Earth, Scott Tanner is one of those rare specimens of man which redefines masculinity in its deepest, and he personifies what the foundation of is all about. When Scott was worshipped by 21 year old M.J. and later reverently serviced by Chad, that served as the ultimate visual the appeal of Scotts allure, the appetite for the pleasure of his eponymous thick, constantly rigid dick could deliver, is as universal as it is not possible to deny. We wondered what kind of guy Scott would long for , while the excitement and yearning for Scott is recognized reality: and we’ve got the answer: Damien Rios, today. In contrast to Scotts All-American good appearances, Damien is flawless body with an additional thing we desire & the blonde haired, dark stunner with ass . Just shy of half a year making their first appearance together as a couple, Scott and Damien discuss the lust and passion for one another in a few of the most amazing screens of enthusiasm and enthusiasm ever captured on film.As their lips meet, it appears to recreate an alchemists blend of unfolding enthusiasm and unbridled lust in a fusion of desire that’s both magnificent and inspiring. Scott removes Damiens shirt, revealing the chunks inked on his spine, which run contrary to his neck before Damien gets to the business of sucking Scotts cock right down. Scotts silver ring could encircle his over balls and the base of his penis that has not ever appeared long and thick before. Damien licks every inch of that throbbing shaft with all of the desire of a time mixed with the mastery of familiarity that is lust-fueled. Moving behind Damien, Scott works his tongue deep to the center of Damiens buttocks as Damiens eyes roll back into his mind in a tidal wave of delight. Standing up and spreading his cheeks wider, so Damien pushes his hole back on Scotts probing mouth, obtaining the glistening opening prepared for the greatest expression of complete fulfillment soon to follow.With a slow, and well practiced motion that delivers the greatest pleasure with each successive inch, Scott matches Damiens waiting hole with deliberatedeep strokes which lead to Damiens cock to reply immediately by massaging a steady flow that ultimately puddles on the ground . As they move to the chair, their sacks both are tight and pretending as Damien lowers his hole on Scotts cock, pressing as Scott thrusts. Damiens mouth is filled with Scotts tongue while his ass is filled with Scotts cock. Together with their hips moving like the pistons on a finely tuned engine, Damiens hole vacuums a massive load. As he insures Damiens cock from Damien himself with a load of semen which is soon joined by an avalanche scott clearly trembles. For anybody who has ever wondered what the difference is between gender and making love, gentlemen, and you have just observed it. We’re not certain how they will spend but we are currently doing our very best to ensure we’re along for the ride.

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