Straight Surfer Boy With A.. –


Van and Sebastian are up to no good again, searching for hot guys to advantage. After holding up a doctor’s office and impersonating the physicians, they wait Kip Johnson to arrive. Not one walks . As the 2 perverts scrutinize his body, admiring his muscles and large dick kip removes his clothing. The impostors lie Kip down to the health care table because they start playing with his cock and restrain him. Kip yells and struggles but his mouth is covered by them and continue their agony, when tickling his body, teasing his cock. Kip finds himself strapped down in the chair with electrodes tied feet and his legs down. His balls are all tied using medical piping as a butt plug is pushed the stud ass up. Pulses of electricity surge through his body because his cock is edged. After tormenting the nipples of Kip and fucking his hole, the two perverts milk a load and feed it back. Prior to leaving him bound into his own cum, they finish him off with some post-orgasmic agony.

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