The Ass is Greener on the.. –


They say that “the grass is always greener on both sides”; however, we disagree with this statement and present Alexander Greene to prove it. Alexander, a 21-year-old Jersey transplant living in Miami is happy and healthy from all sides. His costar is Brian Bonds, a 24 year old from Little Rock Arkansas. Then we asked a strange question, and found out what they had in their fridges. Brian smiles ear-to-ear, “A large long sausageA” he replies. Alexander says that youA’d probably find the same thing in yours. It’s likely empty. We want our ladies to have a wardrobe that is stylish and fashionable. Is it possible? Brian loves leather pants and boots. Brian said that it doesn’t matter what you wear with your leather pants and boots. “CA’mon! A’StrippersA”: No clothes, just shoes thatA’s sexy!” Aside from Brian, jock straps appeal to Mr. Greene. We asked Brian what he thought about the motto “Bigger is BetterA”. “What is there to say?” IA’m a tiny size queenA’ he beams.A Need I say more? The chemistry between them was easy to forget so we let them go. They were a complete team by the time they reached record. As they were making out, BrianA’s hand reached for AlexanderA’s bottoms and he was eager to see whatA had in store. Brian kisses AlexanderA and then licks the smooth, white chest of AlexanderA until he gets to that cock. After removing them, he gets comfy and then opens wide to swallow AlexanderA’s enormous cock. Alexander relaxes and watches as his dick falls down BrianA’s eager throat. Brian gags as his uncut cock is hardening, trying to get every inch of it down his throat. Alexander gets Brian up to return the favor. Alexander rips his shorts and BrianA’s cock is free. BrianA’s cock is his favorite part of the whole experience. He takes a long, licking cock and then bobs on it to feel as good. Brian grumbles as he pushes AlexanderA’s head further onto his throbbing arm. Alexander is eager to get a bite of the smooth ass after he’s finished working with that dick. Brian sits down on his face, giggling in anticipation of the huge cock. Brian grunts as he attempts to get that big cock in his sex. Alexander doesn’t want to be left behind as he pushes the fat pole up his torso. Brian grunts as Alexander slams his ass hard against the hungry ass. Brian turns around and rides the dick facing Alexander, so that they can have a good time as he gets his ass wide open. Alexander cannot get enough of the hole in his cock and continues railing up to him, almost bouncing him onto his dick. Brian is then leaned back to ensure his shoulders touch the ground and that his ans are ready for anything. As he continues to ride that ass, he aims his cock towards the south. BrianA holds BrianA back while he burys his meat, and then he slams on his prostate. Brian cannot help but to jerk as his legs pull back and then he buries his meat. Alexander pulls out his own cock, and then shoots it all over BrianAs cock.

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