The Big Bang –


“You can make any grown man weep.” These are six simple lyrics by The Rolling Stones, which seem like a great theme song for this episode. Jessie Alan, a 23-year old Florida native who packs a 9A’ thick beer can and is known as Jessie Alan, is back! Jessie is a relatively new addition to EBD and embodies the essence of EBD–EXTRA BIG DICK! Jessie can be described as every queenA’s dream boy and has been known to make grown men weep. (… Jessie is a top-rated girl for 98% of all occasions, with few exceptions when she’s in a serious relationship. Even then itAs rare. Jake Lyons, a new face to EBD today is here to make you swoon. Jake Lyons made his debut with Circle Jerk Boys. This Ohio boy is now a Miami resident. Jake is a classic boy with boyish features and a smile that can lighten up any space. HeA is 19 years old and very eager. A’eagerA” is our favorite. These studs, both single, are enjoying freedom. These two studs are soon going to be doing something different. Let’s get to work on the dick-tivities. Let’s get on with it. Jessie comes in to read Jake in his couch. Jake is shown what he had in mind when he takes out the book from his hands and unbuttons his jeans. Jake doesn’t need to be asked twice. He starts to sneer at JessieAs red shorts. He is expanding his crotch every second, and it will not stop him from cocking for too long. HeA’s sure enough that heAA’s one minute sucking on cotton, the next heAA’s eating uncut Florida meat. JessieA is growing her cock as Jake begins suckinA& tugginA& at it with his hot lips. It doesn’t take JessieA long to prepare her cock. Jake soon has a beautiful face after Jessie gives him his monster meat. Jake doesn’t complain. Jessie strips down and helps Jake get out of his clothes. Jessie returns the favor by sucking on JakeA’s uncut cock. The foreskin is then sucked by Jessie, who expertly licks it and puts it in his mouth. Jake watches in amazement as Jessie takes care of his cock. Jake smacks his lower lip while he enjoys the sensation. Jake is so excited that he’s quickly back on his knees, with more JessieA to enjoy. As he runs his tongue along his long shaft, he looks at Jessie. Jessie is getting sexy from all this attention. As he tries out whatA’s next, he gets up to put Jake on his all fours. As Jessie begins to nibble on that delicious ass, Jake giggles in delight. Jessie gets his tight, sexy musculature ready to go for some serious fucking. Jessie will then let the meat dry for a while before taking it home. JakeA is getting his ass pounded and it is almost ready. Jessie gives Jake a kiss and then crates him as Jake tries to squeeze in every inch of his mouth. Jessie puts Jake on her back, and then she slides back into missionary mode to make Jessie feel even more dick. Jake is pinned down by Jessie, who holds him with his knees. He won’t go anywhere. Why would he do that? Jessie loves it and continues to beat the Floridian. Jessie lifts Jake up, bends over him and then dicks his face. Jessie is ficking Jake deep and hard. He can’t get enough of her tight, little sex. Soon, that ass will be able to milk his entire load. Jessie soon feels that familiar tickle, and pulls in as the pair stroke side-by side. Jessie takes the lead as he spits his loads all over his navel. JakeA follows suit and also covers himself with white.

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