The Long Con –


Syren De Mer and Bill Bailey are in a bizarre relationship of power and submission. They have an illegal enterprise where they will both be paid for their crimes. Syren however has an alternative plan. Bill follows Syren’s lead and tracks down the moll, a slut gangster moll. He hides at his step-daughterAs apartment to get his revenge. Katy Kiss, a beautiful and talented actress who plays SyrenA’s step-daughter, is forced to take the brunt of her MomA’s treachery. Syren watches helplessly as her step-daughter is abused and molested. After SyrenA is finished with KatyA, Bill shoves his hard cock into SyrenA’s large round ans, and KatyA’s face into KatyA’s tight, puckering tussy. Bill is a sexy, naughty man who makes women hurt each other.

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