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This week we brought back a few of our favorites to find out what would occur when these two sexy studs share the exact same bed. The first of our alumni is 22 year old Malachi. 61 tattooed stud from Virginia Beach, the tall has been featured a few times, both solo and in action. He was made an instant fan favorite for people who like their studs lean and well-inked by his 9 monster penis! This week, have been placing him jointly with baby-faced Tucker. Tucker was seen by us after we paired him who till then had never walked to the wild side that was all-male. This made for you insanely first time session that was hot! Cooker and Malachi both have one thing in common that we understand Tucker can appreciatereally huge cock. We understood Tucker could be ideal for the job. The Northerner from Michigan, tucker, finds himself drawn to guys with nice eyes and also loves to follow his strict routines every day. Malachi is the opposite. This Southerner is attracted to a man with thighs, and isnt far . He does exactly what he needs to do, then likes to get the remaining part of the day as he desires, to do. Opposites have a tendency to pull; so we have a feeling that once these two get nude and have a move, the chemistry will end up. . .explosive! The cameras havent started rollingup, and both of these have begun. They start making out as they kneel before every other on the bed. Tongues and palms are free to roam as they start to undress. Malachi takes the lead and goes down on Tuckers swelling 8 cock. Tucker cant assistance but moan his approval as his prick is sucked by Malachi. Tuckers enjoying the aid; but he needs whats in Malachis jeans. Malachi, that showed commando up, is more than happy to oblige. He undoes his trousers pulls them down immediately, freeing his penis. Tucker begins milking Malachis thickening meat and takes it all of the way down. It isnt long until hes at full mast and fucking Tuckers throat with 9 of hot, southern steak. Both of these cant get enough of each other as they start swapping blowjobs. Sitting, standing, and ultimately as they begin to 69, lying on the mattress. In this position, Malachi has access to Tuckers backdoor and begins to finger his ass. Tucker moans in anticipation and pleasure . He knows just whats coming! So do WE!Tucker cant straddles Malachi and wait any more. Malachis monster cock is grabbed by him and sits on it. He winces as his ass starts to accept. Tucker takes nine like a champ, and at no time really is currently riding Malachi because they both grunt and groan in ecstasy. Malachi retains Tucker by the waist as he squeezes his ass. The look on Tuckers face says everything! They flip rankings, as Malachi begins bouncing him on his dick and Tucker is riding Malachi to him with his back. Tuckers cock is aching because it circulates from the atmosphere from the sweet fucking Malachis providing him. Shortly , they get off the bed, and Malachi bends off over the chair and slams back into him, burying his cock ball deep needing more of that ass. Whatever the position both of these cant get enough! Tucker ends up on his rear since Malachi fucks his buttocks. Tucker cant support but start jerkin his prick. Malachis pounds him harder and harder, and Tucker moans and lets out a load guttural groanand nuts! Malachi lbs him harder, fucking the load straight out of him! Malachi cant hold either back and pulls his uncut monster out and explodes his load around Tuckers cum. Whew! Opposites certainly DO attract!

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