Working it Out –


Its been two and one half years because had the pleasure of introducing one of the favorite schlong masters, Mr. Ricky Larkin. Now 26, he spent a great deal of the time on his body which has eventually caught up together with his cock: thick, oversize, hair covered and pumped. Heavy browed, scruffy confronted, Rickys has grown into an open minded, fetish loving big cocked Neanderthal having a necessity to seed to match. On the other end of the spectrum is that the introduction of 19 year old Mark Jameson. Barely over one hundred lbs, Mark needs to create a muscle and Ricky teaches him the basics of strength trainingand endurance the importance of receiving the appropriate amount protein in a way they dont reveal at the health food shop. Since Ricky adds a hand to support Mark as he struggles to lift himself up from the weight bench, Rickys large paw nearly extends across the sides of Marks tiny small waist. As Ricky seems down at Mark, his idea bubble maintains lunch and he determines it time to allow Mark to eat. He takes Mark from the head and scatter it throughout his bulge. Shucking his shorts, squeezing his bone, he catches Mark from the hair and utilizes his mouth, ordering him to open wider & go deeper until he finally cradles his skull and fucks his face, pulling out just to smack the large pole across his lips, push feeding more dick then he thought he could handle. After dragging him to the seat, Marks mouth strains to engulf the hungry rod. Ricky yanks down Marks trousers, spreads his cheeks goes deep sea diving with his tongue Marks tight, pink hole, eating away like a man possessed. While he slurps on this hole, Rickys cock throbs hand free in anticipation. . .and that prick won’t be visible for longterm.

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